Monday, March 19, 2007


After three great years together, Cath and I are engaged! My parents were visiting, so we decided that Sunday was a good day for an announcement, since we could tell both sets of parents in person, instead of my family finding out over the phone! Man, I was nervous -- worst case scenario would have been if one family were happy and smiling, and the other were looking at us like we were crazy. I was really relieved when it was smiles all around.

We both have to thank Tiffany's for some excellent service. We went in assuming that there was no way they'd have any ring in our price range, but we figured taking a look couldn't hurt. When we told them what kind of ring we wanted and what our price range was, their sales person was nice, didn't turn up his nose at us, and showed us what they had. And their rings were much more beautiful than comparatively-priced rings from other jewelers.

They had a ring which was closest to what we wanted shipped into the store, and Cath absolutely loved it. And, here's the kicker -- we saw the ring on Saturday, and when we told them that we were telling our parents on Sunday, the sales person we talked to took a taxi across town that afternoon to get it re-sized on the same day so that we would have it when we made the announcement. Now that was above and beyond the call of duty!

So -- if you're shopping for an engagement ring, I recommend Tiffany's. Their service is great, and they do have nice rings at prices comparable to other jewellers.